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An Olympic Event

March 25, 2018

The winter games came to TCS this year as our Field Day theme honored the recent Olympics.  After the traditional lighting of the Olympic flame, each class paraded through the gym with costumes and flags representing their chosen country.  As soon as the opening ceremonies were completed, students went on to compete in such events as The Biathlon, Snowboarding, and The Giant Slalom.  No one seemed to mind that there was no snow in sight and that they were using pool noodles as ski poles.  It's just winter fun Florida Style.

Go Green

February 27, 2018

As part of our new "go green" initiative, TCS has formed our first ever Green Team.  In addition to a building-wide paper recycling program, the team is working on helping us to conserve both water and electricity.  Perhaps our favorite part of the program, however, is the addition of two new gardens on our campus.  Our vegetable garden includes such healthy treats as tomatoes, beans, and carrots.  Our pizza garden includes various herbs including basil, parsley, and cilantro.  Our team planted the gardens and takes turns watering and caring for the plants.  We can't wait to get a taste.

Junior Beta Club Convention 2017

November 30, 2017

Our Junior Beta Club members recently attended the Florida convention in Orlando.  We are extrememly proud of their efforts and how well they represented TCS.  They were challenged in areas such as academics, visual arts, and STEM.  Congratulations to the following students:

Jacob Linnell - 1st Place Math Division 1
Victoria Hillberg - 2nd Place Language Arts Division 1
Brady Kearce, Jacob Linnell, and Mattiemay Brown-Chandler - 3rd Place Book Battle Division 1
Kate Chapin, Mia Hay, Morgan Walker, Davis McPharlin, and Nyana Gordon - 2nd Place Tower of Power Division 1
Victoria Hillberg - 1st Place Sketching Division 1
Natalie Hill - 1st Place Pastels Division 1
Kate Chapin - 3rd Place Painting Division 1

All of these students are now eligible to attend the National Junior Beta Club Convention in Savannah, GA this summer.  Way to go tigers!

New Spirit Gear

September 04, 2017

We are excited to anounce our newly designed Tigers Spirit Gear.  Thanks to Tastefully Styled Designs, we now have two different patterns available in three colors.  Each design is available as a short-sleeve shirt, a long-sleeve shirt or a hoodie.  Spirit gear may be worn each Friday with jeans or uniform bottoms and at various approved events throughout the school year.  Click here and order yours today! 

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