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After School Activities

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Grades K-5
Each week we will prepare a tasty no-bake recipe to eat, create a kitchen craft, and play cooking games.  Children will learn cooking skills and kitchen safety along with lessons in culinary math, reading, geography, customs and holidays.  Cooking with kids promotes working together and a healthy lifestyle.


Grades K-5
Our vision for Dance Club is to creatively express God's Word through movement.  We will dance to celebrate, teach, worship, and praise God in a safe and positive environment.


Grades K-5
COME create, design, build, explore, and imagine as we paint, draw, sculpt and who knows what else. Our projects are exclusive to art club which means none of the projects we do will ever be done during the school day.


Grades K-5
Join us to learn and play this popular strategy game.  All skill levels welcome.

Books, Poetry, and Writing

Grades 2-4
Have fun growing closer together and with God through reading, writing, poetry, games and activities.  Each session will have its own focus but all are literacy and faith driven.