Dress Code

All clothing should represent the Christian values of the school. Inappropriate wording or graphics are not allowed.

Students should be dressed in clothing they can easily get out of on their own if they are toilet trained. Trinity Christian School supports the desire of young children to be independent in dressing and toileting. All students should wear clothing that is soft, flexible, and allows the student to run, climb, jump, etc. without restriction. Bloomers under dresses and skirts are required.

Shoes should be sturdy, closed-toed and closed heel, firmly fastened, and have non-skid soles.  Platforms, crocs, sandals and high-heeled shoes are not allowed.  Jewelry is discouraged and may only be permitted when it does not pose a safety hazard.

School uniforms are required Monday through Friday unless an optional dress day is scheduled. Themed dress days are detailed below. Uniform information will be available following registration each year. Please refer to the price list that is distributed annually to compare prices and note any changes in uniform items.

Where To Purchase

Uniform components are available either on-line or in person at the following vendors only:

Harris School Uniforms
Telephone: (561) 881-8689
Address: 4152 West Blue Heron Blvd., Suite #118 (just west of I-95 on the north side of Blue Heron)
Online Orders: www.harrisschooluniforms.com

TCS Spirit Store
Telephone: (561) 253-3950
Used uniforms and trade-ins located on campus.

Daily School Uniforms

All school attire is available and specified at Harris.  Only clothing items bearing the name Harris as well as the TCS logo are permitted. 

The following uniform options are only available to grades 6-8.

Black, maroon, and blue polo shirts (males)
White or blue Oxford shirt (males)
Black, pink, maroon, blue polo shirts (females)
White, pink, or blue Oxford shirt (females)
Capris (females)

Closed-toed, closed heeled dress shoes or athletic shoes may be worn with daily school uniforms. No shoes with wheels or shoes with heels higher than one inch may be worn at any time. No sandals, sling backs, boots, mules or crocs are allowed.

Free or Themed Dress Days
Occasionally, these days may be scheduled or earned. Children may choose to participate or wear school uniforms. Clothes are to be clean and neat with no ragged fringed cuffs or cutoffs, no holes or tears. All shirts/tops must have sleeves and be void of any artwork, printed text, or symbols. No tank tops or mid-tops exposing midsection may be worn. All bottoms (shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses, etc.) must be fingertip length.  No leggings.

Physical Education Attire
Uniform shorts, skorts, or pants and athletic shoes must be worn on P.E. days. Grades 4 and up will change for P.E. and must wear the approved Trinity Christian School shirt and shorts with athletic shoes which can be purchased at the Harris School Uniform store.

Jewelry & Make-Up
Earrings must be post earrings, no hoops and must not hang from ears. No other body piercing jewelry is permitted. No make-up, perfume or cologne may be worn during school hours.


The Administration reserves the right to make decisions as to compliance with the dress code. The school staff will issue a uniform violation form to children not meeting the dress code requirements.

1st infraction and 2nd infraction, a Uniform Violation Form (requiring signature) will be sent home with a copy of the dress code.

3rd & 4th infraction, a detention will be given

Any further infractions will be dealt with at the discretion of the Administration and the child may be kept out of class or sent home for the day.