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Tuition Assistance and Financial Aid

Trinity Christian School of PBG recognizes and appreciates the sacrifice parents make to partner with TCS.  It is a privilege to be educated in a Christian environment, where the Godly values stressed in the home will be supported and developed in the school day. 

TCS Financial Aid
TCS offers financial assistance.  We utilize an outside company, FACTS,  to analyze the financial need of a family to enroll into TCS.  There is a $35.00 fee to complete the online application.  After the application is completed and reviewed, FACTS communicates the need to TCS.  The scholarship committee meets to determine the amount to offer the family.  Amounts vary depending on the family’s need.

Family Discounts
Multiple Student Discount—  2nd child receives 5% discount
                                          3rd child receives 10% discount
                                          4th and above children receive  15% discount
                                          (not applicable to VPK nor extended care)

Family Referral DiscountFor families currently enrolled:  If you have a student who is currently enrolled for the current school year (PreK1 - 8th Grades), and you refer a new family who attends TCS for the entire school year, then (you) the referring family receives a $400.00 (K-8th) or $200.00 (PreK1-KP) discount off the tuition you are responsible to pay.  This discount will be applied to your account in May of the current school year or may be applied the following school year per your request.  For every new family you refer, your tuition will be reduced by $400.00 or $200.00.  Therefore, if you refer four new families, your family gets a $1200.00 or $800.00 discount applied to the tuition you are responsible to pay.  Your family's name must appear in the appropriate area on the New Families Registration Form.

Step Up For Students
It is our desire to instill the Word of God into all students having the desire to learn in a Christian environment.  Therefore, TCS participates in the School Choice Program by accepting STEP-UP for Students scholarships.  Step -Up for Students provides K-12 scholarships to give economically disadvantaged families the freedom to choose the best learning options for their children.  Information is available on-line at   The Step-Up for Students scholarship may be combined with TCS Financial Aid.

McKay Scholarship
Our small class size and curricula supports differentiated instruction.  In congruence with our mission, we accept the McKay Scholarship of those children we are best able to educate.  Please visit for more information. The McKay Scholarship may be combined with TCS Financial Aid.