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Middle School Curriculum

The curriculum for Middle School includes both Christian and non-Christian publications.  We train and trust our teachers to guarantee the truth is based on the standards of God's word, as we present contradicting philosophies.  Student academic performance is measured and reported quarterly via report cards.  In addition, all students complete the Terra Nova Standardized Tests to measure their yearly academic growth. 

The instruction received in our Middle School prepares our students to follow an academic track which will allow them to leave TCS with at least three high school credits (math, history, and foreign language).  Our strong Fine Arts program will also prepare students who wish to pursue musical or artistic interests as a hobby or potential career.  Course electives are offered for the school term, if concentrating on music or visual arts.  Additional electives include such things as guitar, cooking, and study skills.

Our Middle School students serve in a leadership capacity to the students who are enrolled in our Preschool and Elementary School.  They also assist in leadership roles for community service and school projects.  We believe that leadership skills can be developed and cultivated in students to become impactful individuals and productive citizens.

Current academic hours for Middle School: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Please click here to view our comprehensive curriculum guide.